Harry Potter For Child Development In College?

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J.K Rawlings’s Harry Potter story is about a boy who lost both his parents at an early age still achieved a good level of child development. The story is about how he discovered to be a wizard and grown into a capable man. His story will help the students to develop their insights in a proper way as they can appreciate their resilience. 

The Course – Harry Potter And Child Development 

Vanderbilt University has started the course entitled Harry Potter And Child Development. This course works in the direction of deepening students’ understanding of the three main characters, Ron, Harry, and Hermoine, of the movie Harry Potter. The study explains how they have tackled all the problems and encouraged themselves to face various situations. 

Beginning Of The Child Development Course

It all started in the year 1990s with reading out the book to the kids and giving out examples of two orphans Harry and Tom Riddle, who evolved into two different personalities. There were many questions about Harry’s depression and anger while going through the story. 

His depression could be easily linked with adolescent hormonal behavior as well as his parent’s traumatic death. These questions are further developed within the course and asked in the class. 

Learning The Resilient Quality Of Harry Potter

Along with Harry Potter, the course also involves a 30-year longitudinal study by Emmy Werner, Children Of The Garden Island. The book has a story of 698 children who were taken in notice throughout their birth, adolescence, and childhood. 

Why Choose Harry Potter To Teach Child Development In College?
Why Choose Harry Potter To Teach Child Development In College?

First Category

In this study, it is shown that with proper parenting, children who suffered birth complications handled childbirth defects and overcame the complications.

Second Category

Whereas on the other hand, the children who witnessed major problems like divorce and fights between parents in their families developed with early trauma and ended up fighting with long-term issues. 

Third Category

In the third category, where children suffered from both nature, and parental complications grew up to be successful and competent adults. They worked well with their problems and played well along their life path. 

The Conclusion Of Resilient Characteristic Of Harry Potter

Resilient kids grew up to be intelligent. Just like Harry Potter, they successfully escaped from their daily unpredictable worried family life and enjoyed with friends at school. Like Harry Potter, they grew close to their mentor in school and college and worked well. 

Reading Fiction Helps In Child Development

This course emphasizes that psychological development can happen by reading fiction stories. In spite of them being unreal, it will show different scenarios of lives that can be faced in one single life. Reading about different situations will give kids a chance to prepare the mindset to acknowledge hurdles and live with them in better possible ways. 

Why Choose Harry Potter To Teach Child Development In College?
Why Choose Harry Potter To Teach Child Development In College?

How Does Harry Potter Novel help In Child Development?

Explaining something through an interesting, unusual story has a significant impact instead of textbook schooling. The students throughout the course are encouraged to note down the changes that occur in the Harry Potter Story because every change explains the growth of Harry throughout his life circumstances. 


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