The Developmental Milestones Of A Six-Month-Old

The Developmental Milestones Of A Six-Month-Old child

Congrats! Your little one is halfway to be one year old. A lot of things have happened during this six month. The parents and the child can expect an incredible experience during these months. During these months, the baby may sit up without any support. So, the parents should learn about the developmental milestones that the half-year-old child may achieve this month. And the developmental milestones include the new food the baby can try, change in sleeping patterns and challenges that the parents might face.

The Developmental Milestones Of A Six-Month-Old child
The Developmental Milestones Of A Six-Month-Old child

Developmental Milestones You Should Know

Just like past few months, lots of new skills and abilities are developed during this phase. For example, now the baby will be able to recognize things that are a little far. Moreover, the kid will follow nearby moving things. The baby at this stage starts to respond when called by the name. By the time he is a half-year-old, pay close attention to the movements while on the bed as well. Because there are chances that the baby might roll-off from the bed.

Physical Developmental Milestones: Your Baby’s First Teeth!

At this stage, the baby has reached about double the weight than the average birth weight. However, not all infants will develop at the same rate. Therefore, don’t be amazed if the baby gains about 1 to 1 ¼ pound a month at this stage. From the beginning of this current month, the baby may develop about ½ to ¾ inches of height when he turns seven months old.

At this stage, you may also notice a tooth or two. However, the time period is different from child to child. But teeth and gum care is of utmost importance. In case you are thinking about how to care for those small teeth, clean them softly with a small-sized kid’s toothbrush and a small amount of kid’s toothpaste.

And make sure that the baby doesn’t sleep with feeder in its mouth. This will help to prevent cavities.

Your Baby Can See Across The Room

At this stage, the baby’s observation skills are also quite developed. Now the kid can even spot things that a distance from its reach. Now the baby can concentrate on things without moving his eyes and can also differentiate between different colors.

The Developmental Milestones Of A Six-Month-Old child
The Developmental Milestones Of A Six-Month-Old child

Development: Sitting With Support

The little one will start to move the head to observe the surrounding. Apart from that, the muscles of the back also strengthen. Therefore, the baby will be able to sit but with some support. But the parents need to be alert to avoid any mishappenings.


Every developmental milestone prepares the baby for the next stages.

After the initial months, the parents start to understand the energy levels of the kid. Consistently, the developing kid’s life is full of exploration and learning. But the new parents are still uncertain of the needs and actions of the baby. So, it is better to investigate these milestones.

Some numerous ways or achievements indicate the growth of the baby. And these skills can be physical, psychological, or lingual. The parents need to observe and correct these. And the baby will be healthy and happy.

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