The Child Development Stages- Newborn To Toddler

The Child Development Stages- Newborn To Toddler

Child development stages are crucial years for children. Their mind body and brain everything needs to be developed appropriately. This shall result in a better future and a healthy body. Parents must take proper care of their babies during their development stages. From newborns to toddlers to teenagers, all these phases need utmost care and attention. Each step is crucial and responsible for a child’s growth. Therefore care is required for building their future.

The Child Development Stages- Newborn To Toddler
The Child Development Stages- Newborn To Toddler

Four Stages Of The Child Development

There are four stages of child development. These stages consider a child’s age ranging from birth to adulthood.

First And Second Stage

  • Sensorimotor stage- children in this stage are up to two years old. The main characteristic that a child must have during this stage is motor activity. He must learn all the things in this stage with the help of experience i.e., trial and error. The main objective to learn in this stage is the permanence of the object. The permanence of object means that the object still exists even if one cannot see it or also if it is hidden
  • Preoperational stage- the children in this stage range from two years to seven years. During this stage, their memory and imagination start developing. At this stage, children become adamant and reluctant. They stop listening to their elder’s instructions for some time. At this stage, they learn to attach themselves to people and object and also start learning the language. 

Second And Third Stage

  • Concrete operational- the children in this stage range between seven years to eleven years. At this stage, they become less adamant and reluctant. They start thinking more logically and methodically. The main goal of this stage is to make the kids feel out of the box and do lots of experiments. These experiments help them learn and explore.
  • Formal Operation- the children in this stage range from eleven years to adulthood. During his stage, the children start learning using symbols to understand a difficult concept. During this stage, the kids can think about multiple variables.

Overall Development Of A Child

The Child Development Stages- Newborn To Toddler
The Child Development Stages- Newborn To Toddler

All the kids must get chance for trial and error. They must have some visual aids to learn different ideas and concepts. Parents must give their children toys, which are educational and full of knowledge. Parents must allow their kids to get dirty in the mud and wet in the rain. This way, they can learn about nature and explore an entirely new world. A child must be with other children for sometime of the day to gain group information. This will also make them understand that they are not alone of that age.


Every stage is vital and crucial. It helps their mind to grow and see the entire world from a different perspective. During their learning stage, their parents must accompany them and teach them the lessons of life. The whole session must go securely.

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