The Child Development Between Age Three To Five

The Child Development Between Age Three To Five

The child is currently a preschooler who is interested in the general surroundings. Moreover, child development happens at a lighting speed during this stage. The kids begin to use words like ‘who,’ ‘what,’ ‘where’ and ‘why.’ And this indicates the increased curiosity of kids regarding the world. However, they also enjoy playing with other kids and socializing. So, enjoy and observe growth and child development. And the kids will adapt to the conditions and society as per their needs.

The Child Development Between Age Three To Five
The Child Development Between Age Three To Five

The Child Development Milestones

The given data is sourced from the Early Years Learning Framework Developmental Milestones booklet. In other words, this was created by Community Child Care Co-usable Ltd (CCCC) for the Department of Education.

Empowering The Curiosity Of The Child

  • Urge them to play outside. Open them up to socialize with other kid. So, take the kids to better places. In other words, places like natural life park, exhibition halls, playgrounds, aquarium, and library.
  • Be innovative in setting up the play exercises for kids. For example, painting, music, dance, etc. are creative as well as fun ideas. Show pleasure in their happiness. And appreciate them when they complete any task effectively.
  • Build their confidence by including them in your ordinary exercises. Give the kids straightforward helping duties. And the chore can be like helping to prepare the table for supper.
  • Be interested in their inquiries. Moreover, make a genuine effort to answer.

Achievements Of The Kids To Look Out For

  • Physical: There is numerous physical achievement of kids to appreciate. The kid walks effortlessly and runs quickly and plays in school or parks actively with other kids. Another thing to look out for is the way of holding a pencil or crayon. Apart from that, the kids also try to achieve most of the tasks themselves.
  • Social: It is time for the necessary behavioral child development. Observe the socializing ability and behavior also. Another thing to help is the involvement of the child in team works. Moreover, the kids also develop their learning abilities and motor skills. This phase also decides the kind of adult the kid will mature into.

Some More Achievements During The Child Development

  • Psychological: It is the time of significant psychological developments. Kids will also showcase some drastic changes in the mindset. Therefore, appreciate the positives and work on the negatives. The positives are to obey the instructions of parents and teachers.
  • Moreover, the kid might also try to build complicated things using essential toys. The problem-solving abilities also develop with the skills to ask questions. Apart from that, the kids need extra love and affection from their parents. And that will also teach them to spread love and peace.
  • Lingual Skills: Most of the kids start to build a knowledge of using different words. They will begin to talk in sentences and use a wide range of words. Moreover, they will also start to address the necessary inquiries and doubts. And the questions will be numerous and sometimes meaningless also.  The children usually talk non-stop about the things taught in school. So, appreciate the story-telling skills of the kids.
The Child Development Between Age Three To Five
The Child Development Between Age Three To Five


Just like pregnancy, child development is also a unique thing for new parents. But instead of getting stressed, try to enjoy the much exhausting phase. And appreciate every single achievement, whether it is social or physical.

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