The Best Toys For Toddlers

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When shopping for toys, it’s important to remember that some developmental toys are made for certain stages of child development. You may think rattle or wooden trains are safe for little ones but these are actually a gateway toy for toddlers who are ready to learn about the alphabet. Other toys, such as blocks, are great for very young children. These are built with shapes and textures so that babies can learn tactile stimuli. But toys designed for different stages of development have different purposes.

Best Toddler Toys

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Balls have been used as developmental toys for a long time. Not only do they give babies a safe and fun way to move around, but they help babies develop their walking and balance skills. Babies use their hands to hold and swing at balls, which help them develop hand-eye coordination and body movements. Later on they will use their feet to walk around on balls until they learn how to stand on their own.

Balls make great developmental toys because babies use their fingers and hand-eye coordination to manipulate the ball to make it roll or bounce, then push it in an attempt to roll it into a particular part of the play area. Baby’s little hands are quite small so they need lots of practice to master this simple task. A lot of parents start baby out using rattles and teething rings to stimulate their fine motor skills. Although these toys aren’t technically developmental, they are still fun for babies. Baby will grasp the concept of touch and manipulation with their fingers.

Rolling balls make another great developmental toy. Baby will roll around on them to entertain themselves, and later on they will try to roll them onto a table to play catch. Because babies roll balls in different colors and textures, babies develop their sense of texture. Table tops are different textures than other surfaces, which babies learn to recognize and can be exciting for them.

In addition to using developmental toys to stimulate gross motor skills, there are many toys that stimulate sensory development. Many newborns enjoy rubbing their hands along different parts of their body. Babies also enjoy rubbing and playing with soft toys that vibrate or make soft sounds. Rattles and teething rings also stimulate newborns’ sensory development by stimulating different parts of the hand and arm. They may take a long time getting used to them, but once they are, playing with them is a whole new different experience for them.

For toddlers, there are tons of developmental toys including soft books and storybooks in all different shapes and sizes. As toddlers grow, so do their toys. A lot of parents buy specially designed toddler toys because they know their toddlers will outgrow them before they even graduate to bigger toys. Soft storybooks and coloring books can help toddlers develop eye-hand coordination and shape recognition. As toddlers grow, they may begin playing with more expensive and complicated toddler toys like ride-on toys, puppets, and more. Toddlers also enjoy connecting with other children and playing games on playground equipment.

Some of the best toys are ones that parents have to invest a little bit of time into developing. One such toy is the texture book that comes in different colors and with many different textures, patterns, and designs. There are soft books with smooth colors that are great for stimulating newborns’ tactile senses. There are books with different colors that offer different textures that are great for stimulating preschoolers’ vision. And there are books that come in different shapes that provide an opportunity for parents to teach their young children about different shapes and sizes, allowing them to learn and understand about shapes, sizes, and ratio of shapes.

Final Words

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In the end, the best developmental toys for toddlers are ones that parents and their children can play with, and that provide a variety of learning experiences. In the past, parents had very few options when it came to toddler toys, but today there are thousands of different developmental toys available, giving parents a wide array of toys to choose from. Parents can find the ones that will stimulate their child’s different senses, provide an environment that allows their toddler to explore, and help them with the development of their brain.

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