The Best Educational Toys for 3 Year Olds

best educational toys for 3 year olds

When it comes to educational toys for 3 year olds, I’ve always felt that they’re quite different from the educational toys for 4-year-olds. If you think about it, at age three your child’s mind is usually just beginning to form thoughts and opinions on the world around them. This means by learning through play with educational toys, their learning can be accelerated in a way not previously possible.

Here are the Best Educational Toys for 3 Year Olds.


A building covered in snow

This set of magnetic tiles opens up a whole new world.The only toy on the market that combines magnets and blocks, Magna-Tiles offer endless possibilities.

VTech Tote & Go Laptop

A close up of a squirrel

This is an ideal first laptop for your little one to start learning about cause and effect, as well as colors, numbers, games, music and so much more. It’s easy for them to use by themselves too… perfect for those budding independent learners.

Bubble Mower

This bubble mower blows bubbles while your child walks behind it or pushes it along. An innovative twist on traditional walk behind bubble toys, this lightweight plastic mower features a pull handle that creates continuous bubbles as they follow along with their cleaning duties.

Shape Sorting Cube

This shape sorting cube is an excellent way to introduce your child to shapes while stimulating his or her tactile awareness. As they turn each side of the six-sided block, just press down to hear fun phrases, music and sound effects… you can even change it up to learn colors too.

Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower

With pull-along action, your child gets to feel like they’re actually doing the job of mowing the lawn. Plus it really works too… with an on/off switch to activate engine sound effects and a removable gas can that holds up to 20 ounces of pretend gasoline.

Big Building Bag

Any one of these 3 sets would be ideal for expanding this building bag set (with handles!), letting your little builder create all kinds of new structures.Each set has bricks in three different sizes in various colors, including some special elements like windows, doors and wheels to make things extra fun.

Fisher Price School Bus Driver

It’s never too early to get behind the wheel and start learning – and with this toy school bus driver, kids get to do just that. It features three colorful buttons on top of the wheel, letting them make music as they drive, learn colors through phrases and songs, as well as various parts of a bus (lights, stop sign). The best part? You can take out the steering wheel for even more fun.

Pop Up Toy

This fun little board book not only offers great pop-up action, but also helps introduce your child to common animals through simple text and vivid pictures. Teach them about farm animals, jungle animals or sea creatures… then let their imaginations take over.

Jumbo Knob Puzzle

With big chunky knobs that are easy to grip, this puzzle helps with shape recognition and matching skills. Plus with 20 different jumbo pieces that can be easily identified by touch by even the smallest of learners just starting out, it’s ideal for developing fine motor skills too.


Another fun toy that combines cause-and-effect learning is this super unique play shell! With no outside distractions or complicated buttons or sounds, your child will flip, spin and rock in this fun little toy ‘bowl’ to their heart’s content (like when they’re tired but don’t want to stop playing). It also doubles as a stool when they need one.


There’s no doubt that early childhood education is one of the most important aspects of a child’s development and should never be overlooked. By learning through play with educational toys, their learning can be accelerated in a way not previously possible. Toys like Magna-Tiles, VTech Tote & Go Laptop, Shape Sorting Cube and all others here will help channel your child’s curiosity into something that will contribute to his or her success in school and beyond.

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