Stages Of Development Of A Toddler

Parents can monitor their toddler’s stages of development with the help of a development milestone. Taking the first step, smiling back or waving a bye are some examples of a development milestone. A child reaches this milestone by playing, speaking, speaking, and behaving. The toddlers are the most active phase of a child. During this phase, they start moving around and exploring the world. Their desire to explore new people and new objects increase at this age. They also start behaving differently and recognizing the name of a few significant people. Therefore, parents must keep a close watch during their toddler’s Stages Of Development.

Tips For Stages Of Development Of A Toddler

Stages Of Development Of A Toddler
Stages Of Development Of A Toddler
  • Parents must read for their toddlers’ on a regular basis. They can read a storybook or a religious book. They can even read alphabets and numbers or rhymes for them. This will develop a unique child and parent bond.
  • Parents can ask their toddler to fetch a thing for their parents. Such things can be a newspaper or a spoon. They can even ask them to name the body parts and show them.
  • Parents must spend some time playing with their toddler. Games, like matching the object, shape sorting, and hide and seek, are great for their development.
  • Parents must allow them to explore new things.
  • They must talk to their toddler in simple language and use comprehensible words. This will help them to learn their language in a simple and straightforward manner. They will start conversing quickly.

Some More Parenting Tips: Stages Of Development

Stages Of Development Of A Toddler
Stages Of Development Of A Toddler
  • They must let their toddlers be independent. Also let them do small daily chores like brushing, bathing, and wearing clothes. Parents should encourage them to eat by themselves.
  • Try ways to develop positive behavior in the kids. As a parent, you must respond to their positive response more than their adverse reactions as it is right for their overall development.
  • Encourage their toddlers in outdoor activities. They must allow them to explore the outside world. Make them learn about the outside objects and show them the celestial body. This will help in overall development.

Stages Of Development: Child Safety For Parents Of A Toddler

Toddlers are more prone to dangerous situations as they start moving at this age, and everything is new to them. They don’t understand at this age, what is right and what is wrong. They are highly curious and want to touch and taste everything this time. Therefore there are some tips for parents to make sure their child’s safety.

  • Avoid keeping them near water, as there is a danger of drowning.
  • Block the staircase with a fence to avoid their tripping.
  • Place plug covers on all the unused electric outlet.
  • Keep kitchen appliances away.
  • Keep sharp objects away.
  • Lock up the medicine and poisons in a cupboard.
  • Don’t keep them alone in a vehicle.

The Takeaway Poit

The most exciting and responsible phase for parents is the toddler’s phase. This phase can be exciting or painful; it all depends upon the parents. They will cut what they sow. Therefore they must take care of their toddler as much as possible. They must also be there in all the stages of development.

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