Stacking Cups Educational

Stacking Cups Educational Baby Toys is a smart way of developing hand and eye coordination in the babies below 12 months. It also encourages problem-solving skills in babies. These cups not only help kids develop coordination but also make them learn numbers and alphabets. The attractive colors create a fun way of learning things.

Stacking Cups Educational Baby Toys 

The Stacking Cups Educational Baby Toys has the following features: 

1) Colors: The Stacking Cups Educational Baby Toys comes in a set of 8 pieces for the kids to enjoy. All the cups of the package are available in different colors like red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple, sky blue, etc.

Stacking Cups Educational Baby Toys
Stacking Cups Educational Baby Toys

2) Material: The cups are made from plastic that is 100% save to use and play.

3) One side of the cup consists of numbers from 1 to 8, while the other side of the cups contains alphabets. There is an extra cup that resembles the shape of a bear.

4) Size: The diameter of the cups are as follows:

  • Bear cup: 5.4cm / Cup 2: 6cm / Cup 3: 5.8cm / Cup 5: 7cm / Cup 6: 6.5cm / Cup 8: 8cm

5) Weight: These educational baby toy cups are very light in weight. Besides, they are easy to pick, play, and throw. 

6) Storage: The toy cups need very little space and can be stored with minimal storage space.

Benefits Of This Product  

The Educational cup toys for babies offer the following benefits to the kids:

  • These stacking educational cups offer to learn benefits to the kids. They learn the development of the hand and eye coordination as well as problem-solving techniques. Initially, the child may not be able to pick up how to play. They need time to understand what it is. The parents must show them how to play. The child may cry or throw the cups at all if they are in no mood to play. However, the parents must keep them engaged and how them by playing with them.
  • Safety: These educational baby toy cups are extremely safe to use as they do not have any pointed shape or sharp edges. However, it is always better for the parents to be around kids when they are playing. 
  • Learning: The child learns the different colors, size, alphabets from A to H, and numbers from one to eight.
  • Although these cups do not attract dirt or dust, it is recommended to clean them often. Because the kids may take them in the mouth, thus, to avoid any chances of infection, keep the toys clean. The colored cups are easy to clean with soap and water.
  •  The cups are available in various appealing colors that attract the baby to touch and play with them.
  • Durable: As the cups are made from plastic, they are durable and enduring. There are no chances of the product getting deteriorate or break. The kids are prone to throwing things around. Even if babies throw the cups on floor or water, no harm will occur to the cups. 
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