Smartphones, Its Negatives Impacts: Kid’s Speech And Development

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Presently, everyone uses smartphones every day. These advanced devices even are having an influence on young toddlers. For many years, parents had often debated on the harmful effects of Television and smartphones on kids’ mental and physical conditions.

Mobile devices are presently in debate for its negative impacts on your kid’s mind. A part of the research program noted that smartphone devices also have a great impact on kids’ minds. In some cases, health experts observed some adverse effect.

Most parents are already carrying smartphone devices with them in their pockets. So, it is obvious that most young toddlers are seriously exposed to these negative impacts. The moment young toddler screams, parents often handout their mobile devices to the kid to play with it.

Smartphones, Its Negatives Impacts: Kid's Speech And Development
Smartphones, Its Negatives Impacts: Kid’s Speech And Development

How Many Parents Use Smartphones Today?

This is one factor that decides these devices are affecting what percentage of young toddlers today. As per research, over 80 percent of parents are carrying these devices with them in their pockets most of the time. So, it is certain that these devices are affecting over 80 percent of young kids directly or indirectly.

Percentage Of Kids Affected By Smartphones

As per stats, over 70 percent of kids often are exposed to smartphone devices even before they reach five years of age. Nearly 70 percent are encouraged by their parents to listen to music on smartphone devices. 

Another research also proves that over 30 percent of young toddlers are already handing over a smartphone by their parents to watch movies or other graphics on the screen. On average, toddlers used to stare at the mobile screen for more than 20 minutes on a daily basis, by their parents.

Experts’ Observations Regarding phones And Its Negative Impacts On Speech

In the past, experts carried out many such types of research for thorough research. Studies have already proved that no limit can be considered as safe screen time for kids and young toddlers. According to the observation, that if your kid is exposed to a glowing smartphone screen for more than 20 minutes, then it can cause delays in his speech habits.

Negative Impacts Of Screen On Kids Communication Skills

As far as communication and interaction skills are concerned for young toddlers, exposure to the glowing screen can only offer negative impacts. Observing glowing mobile screens for a few minutes on a daily basis can delay the communication ability of your kid.

Apart from this, research noticed that these kids often show signs of inability to make use of their body language effectively.

Smartphones, Its Negatives Impacts: Kid's Speech And Development
Smartphones, Its Negatives Impacts: Kid’s Speech And Development

Experts Recommendations For Young Toddlers

To date, this area is under research and observation by experts. But tablets and mobile devices offer more harmful impacts on the mental abilities of young kids. If your child is below 108 months of age then make sure to avoid screen time under all circumstances.

Parents should not encourage their toddlers to watch the glowing screen on a regular basis. To a certain extent, parents can still use video chatting features.

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