Popular Characters Costumes and Accessories of the Game of Thrones

game of thrones kids costumes

HBO’s Game of Thrones is a hugely popular television program in recent years, with fans numbering in the millions. Popular characters include Cersei, Jon, and Sansa from the popular TV series. The show is especially popular among young children. The majority of these kids’ costumes are very popular and have been for some time.

An Overview

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Of course, this popularity has also created an influx of imitations. The most common character to be imitated is Cersei from the TV show. Cersei, nicknamed the Queen of Kings by her enemies because she is the dominant force in the Seven Kingdoms, is a fierce fighter and skilled swordsman who rule the Iron Islands. This confident and arrogant woman, dressed in the regalia of royalty, is one of the most well known characters in the series.

The Queen’s dress is long and flowing and includes a cape, long gown, gloves, and a crown. Other popular characters include Tyrion and Littlefinger, also known as the Three Kings. Both of them wear a similar costume consisting of a blue top, green pants, and long sleeves. Fans choose these costumes for many reasons, but the biggest reason is because they are from the famous TV series and it allows them to feel like their favorite characters.

Popular Game Of Thrones Characters

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Another popular kids costume is that of Jon, the loyal Jon Snow of the Night’s Watch. He is usually seen with his long hair and beard. Many fans choose this costume because it represents Jon’s noble family heritage of the Westeros region. It can also be a great costume for a kid during the holiday season, because it looks like the character has already come back to the present. Snow White, also known as the Maid of Winter is another popular costume and one of the most well known of all the costumes.

Cersei, also known as Queen Cersei of Westeros is the main character in the popular TV series. Her costume is one of the most expensive among all the kids costumes. She wears a blue top, black shorts, and long gloves. The costume itself is fairly simple and it comes with a headband, removable crown, and a belt. It is one of the most popular costumes during the Valentine’s Day holiday.

Tyrion, also known as Prince Terence is another popular character from the Game of Throne. His costume consists of a shirt and jacket. On the outside he has red hair and a small red hat. He wears a purple robe and a buckle belt. Many people choose to dress up as this character during the summer months because of the cool climate. They wear long sleeved shirts with dark pants and sometimes, long shorts.

The most popular character is Cersei herself, known as Queen Cersei of Cersei. Her costume consists of a long gown and tight fitting purple top. On the bottom she wears black stockings and some cute little handbags. The costume itself is very simple and it comes with a headband, a cape, and a sword. It has quite a few accessories which make it even more attractive. Among them are a golden crown, a golden scepter, a satin sash, and a purple sash.

In The End

Of course, not everything related to the Game of Throne is for kids. There are plenty of adult fans too, who enjoy the fantasy world of Westeros and the intricate stories that take place there. There are several high quality costumes that are made specifically for adults. Some of the best ones include characters likeBrienne of Astolat and Beric Dondarrion, Ser Jorah and his sister Shae, and Cersei, Lady of Winter. They have all received rave reviews from fans and are popular choices for Halloween, costume parties, and other costume occasions. Their popularity means that you will not be able to find a Game of Thrones kid’s costume any time soon.

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