Imaginary Friend

Young Children Value Kindness Over A Conflict

Friends, we all have friends in our life. Some quite close to some, some we don’t talk to anymore. But there is some friend you make in your mind. A friend that lives inside your head. An imaginary friend with whom you can share anything without having to fear about he or she is going to tell someone about it. To create someone in your brain, which acts like a person, may sound a bit difficult to digest. But we are going to tell you why it’s the best thing you can do with your child. And how it is going to help them in terms of mental and emotional development.

Your Child’s Mind

As you are preparing your child for the first day of the new class after his holidays. You are not only making them face a new set of problems but are you are motivating and preparing them for a real-life problem. Furthermore, we all know the brain develops just after the creation of the body and keeps on developing until the very end of a human’s life. Them most crucial stage of brain development comes when the child is young or in other words, an infant. 

Imaginary Friend A Boost To Children's Development
Imaginary Friend A Boost To Children’s Development

Likewise, you might wonder how quickly a child can develop social and emotional awareness for the people he sees daily and who lives around him. You might wonder, but even a six months old baby can feel the emotions from the parents who are quarreling or facing depression. 

In the very beginning, once your child is born, all the language seems to be the same as him. What he captures in his mind is the way others and you behave around him and how you react to his calling and movements.

By the time babies turned to 10 months, they start to understand the language that they have heard these last ten months.

Besides, once your child starts to walk by himself and starts to talk, his brain starts to grow exponentially. Meaning he’s creating memories, learning new things about his surroundings, and about himself as well. But even at this stage, your child is not able to hold his/her emotions back. One minute your infant might be laughing, and the other minutes he’s crying his hearts out. You don’t know the problem is and you can’t do anything.

Child’s Imaginary Friend

You need to keep things in check, and your child might blame his imaginary friend of doing things which he does and mistakes, you need to keep him in check.

Lastly, don’t worry about the imaginary friend staying all life long. Your child will soon be getting rid of his imaginary friend once he gets old and gets himself busy in school and college.

Imaginary Friend A Boost To Children's Development
Imaginary Friend A Boost To Children’s Development

Benefits Your Child Get’s To Have An Imaginary Friend

First, he will never be lonely. Meaning, he won’t be afraid of sleeping alone in his room. Or might think that he’s alone in the house at night. 

Also, his creativity will grow as he narrates and tells the story to his imaginary friend. 

During cold winters, you don’t have to worry about taking your son to his friend’s place as he can play all alone without asking for your assistance.

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