Fun Games For Kids Parties

team game for kids

These games can be played indoors or out and can be designed to incorporate several different themes, including musical teams, race teams, or educational teams. They are perfect for birthday parties, summer camps, and neighborhood recreational centers. In this article we will take a closer look at the basics of how to play and set up a team game of balloon popping with kids.

Team Balloon Popping Games divide your guests into groups and give each group a set of colored balloons, usually decorated with images of airplanes, cars, or other cartoon characters. Attach the colored balloons to the players’ ankles using heavy duty, brightly colored, light-weight, yet flexible rope, and remove balloons easily from the feet of the players with heavy strings. The point of the game is to pop as many balloons as possible, with the aim of making the pop-up larger and thus increasing the number of points you earn. The larger the balloon, the more points you get.

Water Balloon Race

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Water Balloon Race This fun game is best played with two teams of four. Two teams are separated by a large round pit filled with water. One team races to a finish line while the other team tries to stay under the water line. Whoever stays under the water line wins. It is best played in early spring, when the ground is moist.

Poster Board Balloon Racing This game is popular among younger children. Two teams are divided by a poster board that has bunkers at each end. The players divide themselves into groups and create paths, jumping and popping balloons on their way to winning points.

Ring Around the Rosy

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The Ring Around the Rosy is also a fun game for kids. Two teams are made up of four children. One team is given a rope with ten balloons tied to it. Each player is to keep the balloons that represent their partners out of the reach of their opponents. When one team hits the balloons with the rope, the opposing team must replace them with new ones.

Time Wasters This game involves using a time-honored tradition to win points. Two teams are made up of two people who stand at opposite ends of a circle filled with water. The object of the game is for one team to try and pop each other’s bubbles. Time wins when a team successfully pops an opponent’s bubble.

Water Balloon Wars

Water Balloon Wars can be played as a relay race or a race against the clock. Two teams are made up of at least two people who stand at opposite ends of a circle of inflated balloons. When one team stops inflating their balloons, the other team must start again and continue to inflate their balloons until they have all the inflated balloons in the circle.

When the last person has successfully launched their balloon, the win is the team with the most balloons. Time wins when the last team member has launched his or her balloon.


These are some of the most popular games for kids that you can use to celebrate a special occasion. When you are looking for the best played games for kids, remember that age is not a factor when it comes to picking a game. Any fun party game that you choose can be played by kids of any age, from pre-teens to teens. Be sure to use a game that the whole family will enjoy. Your goal is to find a fun party game that everyone can participate in and that everyone will take an active part in so that your party becomes a hit among all of your guests.

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