Five Different Stages Of Child Development

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There are five different stages of child development. These different stages help to develop different abilities in a child, like crawling, sitting, walking, talking, understanding language, and other different essential life skills. Let’s take a deeper look at these child development stages so you can understand them better.

  1. Cognitive Development
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Cognitive capacity refers to the child’s ability to solve common everyday problems. These things can include a 2 and a half-year-old baby learning to explore its environment and objects around it using his hands and eyes.

Or a 5-year-old baby learning to understand different letters by hearing and reading them.

  1. Social Skill Development
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In this stage, your child learns the ability to interact with others. At this stage kids also start to learn self-control. Some examples of social and emotional development are a six-week-old baby smiling, a 10-month-old baby waving bye-bye, and a five years old baby learning to take turns in different games at school.

  1. Speech And Language Ability Development

In this stage, your child learns to understand and use language. Examples of this stage are a 12-month-old baby saying his first words, A 2-year-old baby being able to name parts of his body, and a five-year-old kid learning to understand the difference between feet and foot and being able to use the word “feet” instead of “foot” while speaking.

  1. Fine Motor Skill Development

In this stage, your child learns to use his small muscles. More specifically, the ability to use their hands and fingers to pick up small objects, hold a fork, turn pages, or use a pencil to draw something. Motor skill development refers to the ability to learn different physical movements. Physical development includes both Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor skills. FIne motor skills include complicated tasks such as drawing and using things in different ways.

  1. Gross Motor Skill Development

A child learns to use his larger muscles in this development stage. Some examples of this stage are a six-month-old learning how to sit up with some support and a five-year-old kid learning to jump. Gross Motor Skills include things such as walking, running, jumping, etc.

Things That Can Help During Development Stages

During the development stages, you must ensure that your child gets proper nutrition as it ensures the proper development of his muscles, bones, and brain. You can also make a list of all the development milestones if you want. Like when a child usually speaks first words and when he starts sitting on his own, etc, and match it with the progress of your child. You can also consult a child specialist about various things related to the development phases.


A child learns really important things during his development phase that are vital life skills and stay with the child for the rest of his life. If something is done incorrectly during the development phase, the child is gonna suffer for the rest of his life. So it’s essential to be aware of these development stages.

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