Facts About Child Care Licensing

Facts About Child Care Licencing

Child care centers are basically designed to take care of kids between the age group of 6 weeks to 13 years. However, child care licensing makes sure that these centers meet proper health as well as safety standards. Well, this check on the centers is required to impart a feeling of safety among the parents. Thus, if you are also planning to open a center for kids, you need to apply for this licensing.

Facts About Family And Child Care Licensing

An individual cannot run a kid care center without it being authorized. Moreover, the childcare center has to follow some specific rules. Well, the most imperative rule being giving utmost attention to the kids. So, when a child care center goes through licensing, parents know that the concerned state health and security department consider the center a safe place for their kids.

What Does Child Care Licensing Imply?

Childcare centers get their license in a similar manner as restaurants, salons, or any other small business does. Moreover, a state agency makes an inspection of the center to judge the efficiency of the center. When the agency is sure that the center is perfect in all sense, it issues the license. However, the state agency keeps inspecting the centers from time to time. The state agency issues licenses for two types of child care programs, namely, family child care homes and centers.

Facts About Child Care Licensing
Facts About Child Care Licensing

What Aspects Are Covered By Child Care Licensing?

The licensings regulations cover the following aspects. These are:

  • The number of kids which can be present in a center;
  • Number of child care providers required for a particular number of kids;
  • Safety hazards to be met;
  • sanitation requirements;
  • scope of learning activities;
  • background checks;
  • Requisites for staff training programs.

Quality Aspects Checked By License Programs

Among the major quality aspects which are checked by the license programs, there are some which are really important. These include background checks of the centers, training for providers, and maintenance of effective teacher-child ratio. Let us read about them in detail.

Background Checks

Facts About Child Care Licensing
Facts About Child Care Licensing

A background check is an imperative aspect among many other criteria for licensing. Since most parents go through background checks in their jobs, so they will always want the child care centers to also go through such checks. This is where the state agencies come into the picture. In fact, they give license only to the centers who have a clear background check. Moreover, it is also essential to get a background check for people working around the kids, such as teachers, janitors, bus drivers, etc.

Training For Teachers

As per a requisite for attaining the license, all the childcare centers should have a proper training program for their teachers. As per many parents, a proper training program can help teachers handle kids in a better way. These training programs deal with health, security, hygiene, and basic support for the kids.

Teacher-Child Ratio

Another criterion for getting license for the centers is a well maintained teacher-child ratio. As per the set ratio, there should be a particular number of teachers for every set of kids. Thus, centers need to take care of this ratio if they want to get a license.

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