Earning Your Child Development Degree

child development degree

Why should get a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development? An employed working professional who wishes to create a new career option can certainly benefit from the versatility of an online course. But most recent college graduates, especially those who are still in high school, need the support of an in-class program. On-campus programs typically include more individualized attention from instructors and are more easily supervised by adults. However, recent high school grads frequently need the additional resources of an online program as well.

Get A Bachelor’s In Early Childhood Education

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There are many reasons that people might want to get a bachelor’s in early childhood education. One is because of the opportunities for growth and development that such a degree affords. Having worked in the human resources department of a preschool for a number of years, I have seen first-hand the value of having highly trained employees. It is absolutely essential for every workplace to have a strong and capable staff that can handle the nuts and bolts of running a business. A master’s degree in early childhood education gives an individual the opportunity to excel in this very lucrative field.

Prepare Themselves For A Job In A Different Field

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When individuals with a bachelor’s degree choose to go back to school to get a master’s degree in early childhood development, they will most likely use it to prepare themselves for a job in a different field. The wide variety of specializations that are offered today afford individuals plenty of opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in new settings. For instance, if they have experience working with disabled or disadvantaged children, then they may very well want to return to school to get a master’s degree in this particular area. Or perhaps they enjoy working with at risk or emotionally disturbed youth. Or perhaps they wish to teach social work and want to help the mentally and physically challenged through the application of compassion and therapy. There are countless different areas in which an individual could utilize their creativity and talent.

Increasing Demand For Qualified Professionals

Every year, many graduates try to get a foot into the door in one of the many elementary school systems throughout the country. And while there are always openings for these types of positions, there is certainly an increasing demand for qualified professionals who possess both a bachelor’s degree and an advanced master’s degree in child development. These students earn the equivalent of two years of college course work. They are also eligible to participate in a full time job in the field upon graduation. Many students earning their graduate degrees often find that their career immediately opens up in one of a number of pediatrician’s offices, specialty departments within the Department of Education, or other federally funded agencies.

Bottom Lines

Many bachelor’s degree holders choose to continue their educations by earning a master’s or doctorate degree. In many cases, these students find rewarding careers working in the academic community, providing education and counseling services to school districts, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private organizations. There are also a number of career options that follow those of teachers, counselors, and special education students. They include college instructors, chaplain and spiritual leaders, college research associates, researchers, policy makers, and university or community college faculty members. A majority of college students earn a bachelor’s degree in child development after earning two years of undergraduate coursework on the topic.

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