Crazygames – The Best Way To Unwind

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You can play Crazy Games on almost any platform, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Some versions of the game engine are compatible with mobile phones and portable computers.

The game engine is an open source one, designed by a group of game developers and computer science experts from Japan. The engine contains a set of core functions that make it possible for the game to run quickly and efficiently. Each of these core functions also have several add-ons and scripts to customize the experience for kids. The game interface has many features including a virtual keyboard, a variety of buttons arranged in various layouts, a large variety of game styles, pop-up windows, and a simple, easy-to-follow tutorial system.

Arcade And Word Games

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There are two main categories of the game: arcade and word games. Arcade games feature very simple rules, which encourage players to do as many tricks as possible in order to finish levels. Word games, on the other hand, allow the kids to spell the words and solve problems using their logic. Both of these categories have different game boards and are presented on separate, non-controlling screens.

Kids need to download the software in order to start playing the game, which is rather simple. After installing the software on the child’s PC, the parent can login and start the game. This is done by selecting the ‘start’ button, which is displayed at the top-right corner of the desktop. The main menu of the Crazygames platform consists of a game selection screen, where the kids can select the game they want to play and select a computer to play it on. Once the player starts playing a game, the interface will appear with several buttons, which are used to activate different features of the game.

Three Different Panels

The screen of the game is divided into three different panels. The first panel is the game selection screen, which lists all the currently installed games on the selected platform. The second panel is the game list, which contains a list of all currently saved games in the selected platform. Finally, there is the saved game list, which displays the names of the currently stored games in the platform.

A close up of a toy

Each of the three different panels of the screen contains a different game, making it possible to personalize the interface for the different gamers. For example, the top panel has a button with a picture of a skateboard and various buttons for different features, such as adding, removing, rotating, and loading. The bottom panel has the game options, which allow the kids to change the game rules, set a time limit, select a game mode, and select different graphics. The complete list of game options is customizable per each user, making it easy for new users to learn how to play the game.


Crazygames are free and are available for any age group, from small kids to teens. They are simple, entertaining, and provide an exciting way for players to relax and unwind. When playing Crazy Games online, the user does not need to have any kind of gaming experience or knowledge of the particular game to enjoy it. 

Anyone can simply click on the buttons and enter the game. Players can take advantage of the in-built tutorials, which explain in easy steps the various features of the games.


Online game stores offer a wide selection of arcade style, action, adventure, and puzzle games for kids. There are a number of online gaming stores that allow users to purchase the games in the form of downloadable versions. Most of these online stores allow users to download various versions of the same game. In this way, they can save a significant amount on costs that would be incurred if purchasing the same game in retail stores. Therefore, it is always advisable to buy the same version of a game that is purchased from an online platform.

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