Childrens Physical Development – Ways to Teach your Physically-Challenged Kid Confidence

childrens physical development

Firstly, a parent should realize that Physically-Challenged means differently able. Growing up as a differently able child is a difficult task especially during the time when the child transits into teenage where he/she realize what exactly they lack. Life may not always be fair but those who endure through the hardships ultimately find the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the confidence and courage that push one forward. Hence it is quintessential that the differently able children feel the true essence of confidence. Let us how to take a look at how childrens physical development has an impact on their confidence and how you can contribute better to teach your physically challenged child to stay confident always.

Childrens Physical Development – Effort Never Dies

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One should acknowledge the effort and not always analyze the outcome. Confidence is not about the assurance of victory but the ability to deal with failure and rise up again. Motivation is what a child needs to truly realize his potential. Confidence should be built through perseverance and is boosted through success. The child must be convinced of his failures. Each time he/she failed he/she had put an effort that gives experience. Once success is achieved through repeated effort trust is born in one’s own ability. As a parent, one should provide the child the liberty and opportunity to discover themselves.

Encourage in Every Possible Way

Even a minor or seemingly insignificant achievement shouldn’t go unnoticed. Appreciation and encouragement are the keys to motivation which ultimately helps the child realize confidence within himself. Assurance that there is always someone watching over them can also augment the confidence. A parent should be that support who holds when the child trips and falls but it should be the child who gets up by himself. Only then there will be true learning. Also never show any anticipations. Expectations just cause instability and can lead to distress.

No Isolation! Ensure Social Activity

A physical disability shouldn’t give the society an opportunity to look upon the child differently. Sympathy only makes them remember what they cannot do. A parent should ensure that the social interaction with other normal kids shouldn’t involve his/her disability in any way. Being treated in the same way as a normal kid positively gives hope to the child thereby increasing his/her spirit.


True Confidence is a symbol of trust in one’s own ability to accomplish a certain task. This is ultimately attained only when the child realizes his true ability and discovers how he can use it to achieve something. Freedom and support for all endeavors are what a parent is expected to provide. The idea of childrens physical development cannot be forced and that is something parents should start understanding instead of comparing their milestones with people close by. You have to encourage your child to consider being physically challenged and take part in all the activities he would like to. Ignoring the fact or isolating him is not a considerable strategy.

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