Children: Try Keeping Them Away From Screens

Children: Keep Them Away From Screen

Technology and modernization have taken ‘addiction’ to a whole new level. Especially for parents, it has become the fiercest war to abstain the children from harmful screen rays. The American Academy of Pediatrics says the cravings for screen time among children is rapidly accelerating on account of smartphones and gaming devices. According to surveys, sometime this addiction insists on forsaking sleep and shattering the nervous system.

Well, there are solutions as well! Nothing but reducing the screen time for your children may lessen the chances of damages and addiction. Here are 15 ways to help you keep away your kids from electronic devices.

Children: Keep Them Away From Screen
Children: Try Keeping Them Away From Screens

Children: Set Limited Shows

They often set their eyes on Television or Laptop and enjoy shows back to back. Reduce the number of displays according to their significance following your kid’s priority list. Less number of shows and lesser screen time it is.

Create A Family Media Plan

Make a family media plan according to the family lifestyle, so the TV gets turned on and off for a certain period that put limits on your kid’s screen time. You can get help from the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Family Media Plan for planning guidance. Observe and note the exact time your children spend on screens so that you can analyze the graph precisely and put proper limits on them.

No Screen Time Before Bed

It is vital to detach your children from electronic devices during the last hour before bed. It reaches severe harm to kids’ eyesight to use Phone or Laptop before bedtime.

Avoid TV In The Bedroom

Try not to place the Television or Desktop in the bedroom because the bed and TV/Desktop can be the ultimate comfort zone for a kid. So keeping the television in the living room might help at reducing screen time. Create a ticket system for your children to define the exact amount of screen time they regularly have. Have certain conditions to provide them an extra ticket weekly.

Children: Keep Devices Out Of Reach

Keep electronic devices as hidden as possible in your absence. Kids can get unlimited access to laptop or TV in parents’ absence. Since longtime access is highly damaging so it’s always better to keep electronic devices hidden or out of reach while leaving home for a while. Try engaging your kid into other activities (like crafting or playing games) regularly that keeps him away from electronic gadgets and devices.

No TV On Play Dates

Children: Keep Them Away From Screen
Children: Try Keeping Them Away From Screens

Try not to allow any television time when it is the game day. Mark the play dates previously and announce the ‘No Television’ condition two days before the play day. Keep the kids busy with outdoor games for the entire day.

Involve In Games With Kids

It is always a healthy option to get engaged with your kids through sports. Take them to fields and parks and involve yourself playing several games with kids. Outdoor games and park visits are the healthiest way to keep your children engaged.

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