Child Development Programs Under Child Development Associations

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Child development programs are basically organization based programs running all over the world for underprivileged children such as- children coming from rural, underdeveloped, and poverty major areas, children without enough parental support, specially-abled children, children with learning difficulty, lacking nutritional supply and hygienic information, orphans, marginalized children, etc.

These programs are done under child development associations and they focus on certain goals like- relieving children from child labor, providing education, empowering young kids, bringing opportunities for women, supporting disabled people, providing supplies to poor children, and many more. 

In this article we will discuss some of the programs and how can you get benefitted from them.

Early childhood care

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One of the most popular programs of child development is early childhood care. This program focuses on kids until the age of 5. It works on providing nutritional food and clean water supplies, teaching kids through playful ways, concentrating on early childhood development skills along with other things like promoting hygiene and providing health care.

Pre-school education is also a part of this program. This includes playful learning, introducing children to education, cognitive learning, psychological development, and providing nutritional care. They also engage in activities like teaching rhymes, songs, dancing, and scribbling.

Promoting child rights

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Asserting child rights is another major program in child development. These programs are all about creating awareness related to child rights, training families, providing child protection, teaching-related issues, assigning child protection committees in various places, etc. With a focus to ensure child rights, they form many children’s groups in underdeveloped areas. Activities include teaching the importance of education, learning personal health and hygiene, cleanliness, emergency actions, social skills, social values, etc. Noticeable changes are happening in those areas, it also attracts development and governmental support. They also hold campaigns on special days like Child Rights Day, Children’s Day, and Child Labour Day.

Training experts

Child development associations provide training to the people especially the youth to be experts and work for the child development programs. This not only creates awareness but also they get to start their careers. This training helps people become professionals so they can build communities, work together, provide necessary needs, prevent disabilities, spread knowledge, take care of issues, and manage developmental goals; besides, they also give credentials. The professionals later help other people get the training well including the training of children and mothers in the underdeveloped areas.

Other schemes

The other programs of the child development associations are to provide people the knowledge about government child development schemes. These schemes include the government policy on children for educating people about the inherent right of children to enjoy a healthy and happy childhood, to address the issues of growth and development of children, and aware people to protect children from any form of abuse. One of the most popular and effective schemes are The Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), and the Child Health Programme under The National Health Mission (NHM).


The child development programs and schemes not only works on small children but also the school going kids, teenagers, and young parents. The development process cannot be done without the involvement of parents or other family members. Parents and family environment play major roles to provide good health, nutritious meals, proper education, and social knowledge to the children.

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