Brilliant And Adorable Game Of Thrones Kids Costume Ideas

game of thrones kids costumes

Though the series of Games of Thrones have ended but just like Tyrion Lannister’s passion for vino so is our love for The Seven Kingdoms and the characters that dwell there will go on. With the GoT visionary George R.R. Martin predicting that he will finish his next book in 2021 I think this is the best time to get your inner Westerosian on. Since we have that in mind here are some of the great ideas for the Game of Thrones outfits that you can try on your kids. So if you really want to kill the part or trick or treat the kids then you have to build a terrifying While Walker costume.

The DIY Toddler Tyrion Lannister Costume

A man wearing a suit and tie

If you want to dress your little kid as one of the popular character of Tyrion Lannister then you need to get things ready. All you will need is a vest, fake blood, belt and a sword and then you are done. Look how easy it is to make your little kid be the main character of the GoT.

DIY Little Dragon Queen Costume

A statue of a person

If you want to make your kid look like a little Dragon Queen then here are some things that you will need and then you will be done. You need a simple DIY Blue cape dress which will transfer your little adorable kid into a fierce and yet cute dragon queen. Also don’t forget that you need to accessorize your cute little Dragon Queen with stuffed animals.

DIY No-Sew Baby Jon Snow Costume

To give your little one this character you will need footie pajamas, little faux fur and leather and many heart to make your adorable baby Jon Snow costume. You also need to accessorize it with the best friend of your baby that is Ghost the Direwolf.

Baby Wildings

If your heart lies in the north of the wall the you can easily buy a Wildings onesie along with a crochet rattle which you can get from any website and this will be the perfect easy Game of Thrones costume for your little kid. Though you can be a full-on Tormud Giantsbane you can also add a little fun shortcut with the help of a ref handmade crochet beard. So just like that you will be their protector against the goblins, ghouls and White Walkers for the night.

Baby On The Iron Throne

You can easily find many ideas of Fun DIY  Iron Throne Stroller on Pinterest but this one will stand out because it looks incredible and beautiful. You will need some scissors and leftover boxes to make this and some silver spray paint but otherwise it is not at all difficult to make this. You just have to glue the swords to the back of a solid cardboard which you will have to secure to the handle of your stroller. Now for costume who would you put on the Iron Throne?

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