Baby Development Milestones For The First Year


Baby development milestones are the most exciting thing that can happen to parents. If you have a newborn, then the first few weeks might be hectic, and you will never know how it passes. However, after one week or two, you will get accustomed to your baby and their routine. You will gradually feel the growth of the simple activities they do every day. The first few months are crucial for your babies growth. You can quickly notice the things that your baby can do within a few weeks after birth

Baby Development Milestones For The First Year
Baby Development Milestones For The First Year

Baby Development Milestones For The First Three Months

It takes a lot of time for the baby to adjust to the outside world. Since the baby was inside you, it was not accustomed to the sound, light, and the atmosphere we live in. Therefore, babies usually sleep and eat during the first few weeks. However, after three weeks, they start developing their senses. They become very sensitive to light and react to loud noises. At the early weeks, her neck will be weak, but by the time she reaches three months, she will be able to raise her head while lying on her tummy. Tummy time is essential, it helps the baby to play and be comfortable. The baby will also be able to grab objects in her fist.

Development From Three To Six Months

By the time your baby reaches the fourth month, she will be able to grab objects, smile at you, and grab objects. Her neck will also be stiff enough. Therefore she will have a fantastic control of their head. Your baby can roll over on her own from front to back. She will make sounds and play on her own. You can see your baby laughing back at you or at the sounds you make. She can quickly grab things; the first thing the baby grabs might be your clothes or hair.

Baby Development Milestones From Six To Nine Months

Baby Development Milestones For The First Year
Baby Development Milestones For The First Year

The period between six to nine months is of great joy to the parents. By this time, your baby can sit up and crawl on its own. They will laugh at you, or any TV shows that you show them. Babies can recognize voices and respond accordingly. They can also clap when you play with them. They can play by themselves with toys you bring them. You will also find them trying to stand up on their own at this stage. Most of the development occurs during this stage.

Nine To Twelve Months

The last and final development stage of your baby occurs in the previous two months. By this time, your baby completes its infancy stage. By this time, your baby can easily feed herself. Your baby can move around the house with the help of rollers or any furniture. She will also learn to speak a few words and respond to others. However, note that not all babies can talk or stand that fast; some babies take time. Your baby might start copying you and play, which is excellent for their psychological development.


It is incredible to watch your babies grow and reach new developmental milestones with growing days. However, some babies take time to develop these skills. In such cases, you can visit a doctor for a checkup and wait until your little one adapts the skills.