Baby Development – 8 Months Old

Baby Development - 8 Months Old

Once the baby has turned 8 months old, you might find that he’s more interested and active than before. As the baby’s muscles are getting strong, his activities are also increasing. However, this will help the parents to get prepared for the journey of baby development.

Baby Development Milestones

If he has not started crawling, he is preparing himself and will start crawling before you know it. The baby might encounter a few changes in his sleeping patterns and his closeness with parents and other caregivers.

Physical Development: Moving Ahead

Baby Development - 8 Months Old
Baby Development – 8 Months Old

During this time babies are normally more than double the birth weight. An 8-month baby boy normally weighs around 17.5 and 22 pounds. Have you noticed your child’s feet recently? The baby’s feet and toes may point inward while sleeping. However, they may point outward once he starts taking one or two steps. There is nothing to worry about. As these foot postures will get accurate in due time.

New Experiences & Reactions

Better hand and eye coordination are one of the important characteristics of baby development. At this time he can a toy, go towards it, and lift it up. At this stage, babies normally love to feel various textures in the hands or the food they eat. You will notice a lot of improvement in hearing and early language skill ability. It is a good time to communicate as much as possible.

Baby Development: Preparing To Crawl

Baby Development - 8 Months Old
Baby Development – 8 Months Old

In an energized 8-month-old child you may notice that he’s sitting without any support. Notice as baby starts to bend forward to go after and hold objects with one hand. The baby is focusing on strengthening the muscles required for crawling. At this age the kids start exploring things, therefore it is important to keep an eye on him almost every time. It is better to keep them safe. One of the best ways to prepare the baby to crawl is by encouraging tummy time. During this time, the baby is in the right position to begin crawling and figuring out how to push up onto the hands and knees.

Intellectual Development: Playing With Words And Sounds

During this stage of development, the baby’s language and communication skills are developing. You may notice that two of you are able to understand each other better. The baby also recognizes more of the parent’s words too. If you ask him for his favorite toy in the room and he starts looking at its direction, he has started understanding you. At this stage. he will start responding to his name and words like no or yes.

Additionally, the baby is more interested and starts to explore things if you hide them. During this stage, separation anxiety is very common. So, the baby may feel stressed out when separated from the mother. And with no understanding about time, the baby won’t know what time you will return. Security blankets or someone special by his side and his favorite toy can help him overcome separation anxiety and comfort him.

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