All you need to know about Spy kid 3 game over movie

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Spy Kids 3 game over movies in American action comedy film which was released in 2003 as a sequel of Spy Kids 2. It Is a third installment to the Spy Kids franchise which is written and directed by Robert Rodriguez and co-produced by Elizabeth Avellan. In the United States of America it was by dimension films released on 25th July 2000. On a target budget of 38 million dollars the film earned 197 million dollars after receiving mixed reviews. In the beginning it was intended to be the last Spy Kid Universe film but a fourth installment was also introduced in 2011.


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Honour newest most mind blowing adventure and mission Carmen and Juni who are an underage agent set out for this mission. A 3D game which was designed to outsmart them they journey through it and what all the obstacles as designed creatures of the gaming comes into reality. The Spy Kids must fight through the tougher and  the tougher level of the game with the help of their family bonds, friendship, humour and  gadgetry. Surfing on boiling Lava, racing against Road Warriors are some of the hurdles or challenges of the game which The Spy Kids needs to to fight against in order to save the world and their family from the Venice

Box Office-

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On July 25 2003 in about 3444 when used this movie was theatrically released which earned a total of 197 billion dollars profit at the American box office. This movie was one of the first movies of this franchise which earned such a great deal of profit in its first opening. On February 5th 2004 the film ended it ran by earning a gross profit of 1100 million dollars domestically and 85 million dollars internationally which made this movie one of the best performing movies of this franchise.

Critical Response-

This movie won 45% rating on rotten tomatoes and received mixed reviews from the critics. It received 5.42/10 rating on an average ground. If one is not taken by the 3D material then this movie will be a wanting movie with receiving a metacritic of 57/100 ratings. The film received an average grade of B+ and A+ by the people based on the mixed average critics. The reviewers also said that the 3D technique will hurt your eyes which was recognised by the cast also but it was also said that the technique of using 3D glasses in the movie itself helped to conceal the lack of storyline in the movie.


In June, 2003 the novelisation of this movie was released before the audiences. Author Kitty Richards wrote this novel who was a children’s book writer. The print retelling was recommended to the people to read it by the end credit scenes of the movie itself.

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