All Baby Development Stages

Baby Development Stages - 9 Months Old

Baby development is a slow and steady process which takes time as well as benefits the baby. Baby development stages are the different phases a baby goes through and grows. After a baby is born, they are called infants. The infants grow into babies, and then into kids. The development occurs during these times and has different stages. It is mainly for the growth of specific organs and hormones inside the human body.

Baby Development Stages
All Baby Development Stages

Baby Development Stages: All Different Ones

There are different stages of baby development. The main changes take place inside the baby as well as effects their physical and mental growth too. The parents must take care of the baby during the development stages.

Baby Development Stage (0 to 6months)

During this period, the baby starts to development reciprocal interactions. The interactions are usually with parents or other family members. It is the best time for them to recognize and differentiate between voices. One should try and talk to their babies and check on their expressions to the sounds. It is time the parents will be able to figure out any hearing impairments. If the child is unable to express on the voices, consult a doctor. The treatment will help the kid to listen while they grow.

Baby Development Stages ( 6 to 12months)

During this period, babies are usually very responsive and playful. If a baby doesn’t respond playfully, there’s nothing to worry. It is a stage where one should observe the baby. Playing peek-a-boo with your baby during this stage is an excellent way to check on their development and growth. Readout different books to your baby, and change your voices to make the kid aware of language skills. It is essential to start early to keep the baby informed of the world. On the 9th month, the baby should go through a full growth and development check by the Paediatrician. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP), this check-up is vital and beneficial to check the growth of the kid.

Baby Development Stages
All Baby Development Stages

Baby Development Stages ( 12 to 18months)

By the time the baby completes 14 or 15months, they learn a lot from gestures and are very responsive. They start talking and playing with the ones they feel comfortable. If a child doesn’t speak or make gestures, one should consult a doctor for early signs of Autism. The baby is developing and starts playing on its own. With the gestures they learn, they try to imitate them on the dolls or soft toys one provides them.


These were the main baby development stages. These mark the presence or keep a record of the development occurring in a baby. The early signs of any disease are treatable, and the child leads a healthy life as they grow. However, in sporadic cases, Autism is one of the main concerns of the parents. The parents must take care of their babies and make them learn during the development stages.

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