A Look At The Different Options For A Masters In Child Development

masters in child development

Many colleges and universities across the country have been created specifically to offer students a Masters in Child Development. This is an ideal degree if you have an interest in helping troubled children and you wish to pursue it as a career. It helps you understand what happens when a child grows up and what you can do to help him or her through those years. If you are one of those who just seem to get stuck with whatever job they get, this could be the degree for you.

There are a variety of programs you can apply for if you want a master’s in child development. You may want to begin with a general education master’s degree and then take a specific course in childhood education. You will be able to specialize in either psychology educational theory or developmental psychology. Most graduates go on to become teachers or school counselors.

Masters In Child Development

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A general master’s program usually takes two years. The first year is dedicated to teaching you basic skills and teaching methods. During this time, you will learn about classrooms, how to research and document, and teach yourself. After you finish your first two years, you will be able to apply for your master’s in child development. The program requires less student loan debt because it covers more than just learning to navigate the classroom. Some students even go on to take additional classes after their master’s degree.

Students who complete their master’s degree will receive several credentials. One is the MCDDA (Medical College Admission Program). The other is the CCDA (Certificate in Developmental Disabilities). If you are interested in working as a teacher or counselor, these certifications will also help you gain employment. While the Master’s degree itself isn’t necessary to open up your own childcare center, you will need a master’s for those jobs that do require it.

Things To Consider

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If you do choose to go through all of these processes, make sure you get a master’s in child development, not a master of early childhood development or some other similar designation. Getting your accredited credentials will help boost your resume and provide proof that you know what you’re doing. However, don’t let these awards fool you into thinking they will open doors to employment. They only serve to give you a diploma. To get actual credit, you will have to submit either an oral or written exam. Many people believe that these exams can grant them recognition and allow for better employment and higher wages.

It is possible to get your master’s in child development from a university in as little as three years. At some universities, you can complete your studies in less than four years. At the University of Oregon, students can be matriculated in as little as two years. Other colleges such as Villanova University and Pacific University offer a shorter program that can take you as little as one year to finish. There is no limit on the number of university programs you can attend.

If you are unable to get your master’s in child development from a university, then you may be able to find a childcare-related degree program. The American Association of childcare psychologists offers a Ph.D. in childhood development that is earned through an online bachelor’s degree program. Students who successfully complete this two-year degree program also earn a master’s degree in psychology. This advanced degree program is a great option if you want to be involved in research or teach in the field of child development. It can be completed in just two years, making it very competitive.

Bottom Line

At the other end of the spectrum, some adults are interested in earning their master’s in child development even though they are already working. For these professionals, a graduate degree may take longer to earn, but it will be well worth the effort. In many cases, individuals will continue to work until they acquire their master’s degree. Those who complete their degrees in a field like childcare, for example, often find themselves looking for promotions or teaching positions in their field. If you enjoy working with young children and have a good education, you could very well develop into a successful childcare worker.

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