5 Phases Of Physical Development In Early Childhood That Every Parent Must Know

physical development in early childhood

Childhood is the time when most of the development and growth takes place. Without a doubt, it is an extremely important stage of life. That’s why every parent must know about this stage since they are the one who is responsible for providing nutrition, environment, and many other needs to kids. To help out such parents here are 5 phases of early childhood development that every parent must know. 

Cognitive Skills 

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This is one of the most vital skills where a child’s ability to think is tested. In the cognitive stage, little one’s reasoning, memory, and logic are developed. Early childhood is also the time when a child learns to solve problems which are noticeable aspects of the cognitive stage. This stage looks at the response that the kid makes along with the developed language. 

Social And Emotional Phase

A child must know how to interact and express herself or himself. Like grown-ups, children should be social, especially with other kids. This interaction skill development is part of early childhood. Social skills are pretty important too, like every stage. 


Early childhood is the duration for a child to learn basic speech. He or she learns simple words from their parents and family and some children even formulate their language in the form of movement and gesture. The child gets the knowledge of at least basic words that are useful while expressing themselves. Communication skill is the part of wider development for an individual. 

Fine Motor Skills

Activities such as brushing teeth, solving puzzle pieces, drawing with pencil and chalk are some fine motor skills. This is one sort of physical development that involves only small muscles. Fine motor skills are about the coordination of minor muscles in the body. These skills play a very important role in the future so their proper development is something that parents must look into. Parents can set settings, give games and riddles to children to enhance their fine motor ability.  

Gross Motor Skills 

As fine motor skills, this one is another crucial portion of early childhood development. In gross motor skills, activities like running in the playground, jumping, dancing to music, and so on are counted. The characteristic feature of this skill is the movement of the whole body by the child.


All 5 phases of early childhood development have a significant role or impact on a child’s life. These stages of early childhood development include cognitive skills where a child’s mental ability is developed. Second, there is the social and emotional skill stage that plays an important part like every stage. Thirdly, there are basic communication skills and after that are fine motor skills. This skill is about the coordination of small muscles by a child. Lastly, gross motor ability involves the movement of the whole body. 

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