3 Month Developmental Milestones – Learn More About The Development

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Developmental milestones are skills specific to an age of a child, i.e., the specific set of skills or actions that they can do by a certain age. Hence, they are developmental stages for about every age. By the time infants are three months old, they slowly start to take independent steps. They aren’t completely dependent as they were when just a newborn baby. They will take voluntary control of their body. 

3 Month Developmental Milestones

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Some of the milestones by three-month-old babies include:

  • Raised head and chest while lying on their stomach. 
  • Supporting the upper half of the body with arms when lying on the stomach. 
  • Takes a swipe at objects dangling in front of them with their hands. Also, they hold and shake hand-toys.
  • Stretches out their legs and kicks when lying down either on the back or on the stomach.
  • They open and shut their hand and brings their hands to their mouth.
  • Pushes down on their legs when feet are placed on a hard surface. 
  • They anticipate being picked up when someone reaches out for them.

3 Month Developmental Milestones – Visual and Emotional

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The above were some of the visible physical milestones. Apart from these, there are visual, hearing, social, and emotional milestones. They are as follows:

  • Their gazes follow moving objects.
  • They watch faces intently and recognize familiar objects and individuals from a distance. 
  • They start to develop hand-eye coordination. 
  • Also, they communicate more through their face and body. 
  • They develop social smiling. One can see the infant smile at a familiar person’s voice or turn their head towards the direction of a sound.
  • They begin to babble and imitate some movements and facial expressions. For instance, they copy smiling or frowning. 

3 Month Developmental Milestones – Look Out For

Some things to watch out for that can require parents’ attention. Every infant has its own rate at which they develop. But still, there are delays observed at times due to some reasons. It can be medical reasons or developmental delays that need to be looked at. For instance, by three months, not being able to do the following needs to be looked into: 

  • Not being able to support the head well by three months or not noticing hands by two months.
  • Doesn’t push legs when placed on a firm surface in a standing position. 
  • Has difficulty moving eyes or crosses eyes more than usual (some of it is normal).
  • They don’t respond to loud sounds or pay attention to faces. For example, they get frightened by new faces. 
  • Don’t try and reach out for objects or hold them. They don’t bring objects to their mouths. 
  • They don’t coo or make sounds.


The kid will probably go to different stages and you have to understand that every child has its own process to go through and the development does not necessarily have to be like a different kit. While we have discussed the major milestones, you might want to go with the flow instead of pushing it.

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