3 Best Child Development Associate Programs

child development associate programs

A child development program is held so that graduated people become capable of understanding the overall development of a child. Early childhood is a crucial time for an individual. With this program areas of childhood education are open for the graduates. They can also be involved in special education as well. In most cases, they move to a teaching career at elementary schools or even Kindergarten which is the first step towards education for a child. The following are 3 beneficial child development associate programs. All the relevant information about courses is also mentioned. 

  1. Northern Oklahoma College

A 2-year long child development course by Northern Oklahoma College helps in comprehending the attitude and growth of children. Students are taught how to manage health and fitness among infants. After the program, people can look for jobs in the childcare profession, educators at public or private schools. This course can be completed through online means and students follow a 61 credit system. For the enrollment process, students must have at least 19 ACT points. They can prefer their 

ACCUPLACER exam results as well. The college has been authorized by the Higher Learning Commission.

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  1. Arkansas Tech University

The Higher Learning Commission has recognized the university. This child development associate program is brought by Arkansas Tech University for better insights into children’s education. The best part is students can avail the online classroom facility. The course follows a 60 credit system. In this course, both practical and theoretical aspects are touched. These practicals have a total of 9 credits. For joining the 2-year program students should get their GED documentation. They have a choice to either bring a high school transcript.

  1. Western Oklahoma State 
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This development program by Western Oklahoma State College prepares for early childhood education. They focus on factors of health, literature, protection, etc. Students become qualified for working at daycares and teaching jobs. There are 63 credit-based systems pursued throughout the course. A 2 year-long program formulated for those interested in the field of education. For enrollment, students have to send their SAT credit or ACT score which must be 19 or above. In case their score is less then they may opt for the ACCUPLACER exam. Plus, they get the option of a high school transcript.


Early Childhood is a very important stage of life and that’s why child development programs are present for taking care of children. They equip a person with skills to understand the child. Comprehending social behavior is a part of this program. The graduates become eligible for teaching at Kindergartens as well as elementary schools. There are always options in the field of special education too. The list has programs from Northern Oklahoma College, Arkansas Tech University, and Western Oklahoma State. Students also have a choice to learn online in most of these courses.

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